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For those interested in buying a modern home, Austin has a plethora of luxury pieces of real estate designed to satisfy the needs and desires of just about every kind of homeowner.

The interior of many of these homes include wide windows that just inhale the sunlight, large, spacious rooms, bathrooms ideal for the more luxurious baths and showers, and breathtaking views of plots of land in the comfort and sanctity of the backyard.

The finishing touches on these homes are also guaranteed to make any homeowner swoon. With full, beautiful landscaping, to the quaint walkways leading to the front entrance, to large, roundabout driveways, these aesthetically appealing features are set to make onlookers pay compliments.

The prices of these homes are as affordable as $500,000 to millions. Also, the exterior architecture of these homes is also versatile, varying from traditional to modern to even the extraordinary.